This I Believe

Josephine - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Even though we may not all notice it, our souls call for laughter. Why? Laughter keeps us sane and healthy, protecting our minds from being clotted by useless and silly things. Laughter keeps us smiling and noticing the simple miracles that embrace us everyday. When the world spins too fast, when time slips away too quickly, and when impulsive hatred spits out from our lips, laughter pulls us back to our solace. We sigh. We laugh. We smile. We see how simple and beautiful life can be. After an endless number of fights with my sister, my mind crammed itself with grudges, resentments, fears, and anger. It was too much. After the end of a fight, I finally saw what I had needed all along to free myself of useless complications. Honest, shameless laughter.

My burden: my little sister. Following me, copying me, hating me, loving me. Sometimes I can’t stand her. Fight after fight, we’d argue about nothing. Day after day, our grudges exaggerated. One day, our fight had reached a hair-pulling phase; the phase where the mother intervenes and tells the elder sister to go and “be the big girl I know you are. Go apologize, OK?”

No, not OK! But why? I couldn’t even remember what we were fighting about. Why had this fight escalated to a point that I had said “I hate you!”? I love her, and I need to love her. This wasn’t worth it. So I slowly pushed open my sister’s door and entered into her room where she sat hacking and tearing paper out of coloring books I had given her. So ridiculous! There was no reason for me to continue this battle neither of us could win. So I pounced, and I tickled her until her eyes watered and she collapsed onto the ground from laughter. Laughter. We had never laughed so hard. My miracle: My sister Roxane, and without laughter I might not have realized it. Now I see that laughter holds us close to those we love and care about. Laughter allows us to release our stress and excessive energy, and laughter gives our souls room to frolic and play and see the miracles in our lives. Laughter: life’s miracle.