This I Believe

Lawton - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that identity is revealed through effort. Applying yourself in new fields and trying to better understand what you already do will lead you to true self-discovery. You must push yourself, because you can only develop through discovery.

When I first started playing music, I did not work hard or appreciate what music demanded. I liked to play music, but music was not a part of me.

I met the practice requirements and finished my theory assignments on time, but I did not try to improve my playing or understanding of the musical concepts. When I practiced, I did not challenge myself to become better. I just played a few things, and that was that.

I chose the path of passive learning, which does not let anyone excel. Things happened around me, and I either got better or I didn’t.

During ninth grade, I found that music was more interesting. The music was more fun to play, but also more challenging to learn. If I had continued to practice so poorly, I would have remained at the same level of playing I was already at. I could change and become better, or do nothing and fall behind. I chose to change my attitude towards music. I started to challenge myself, because I wanted to be better, and I wanted to learn more.

As I began to practice more effectively, I found that there was more to the music. There was more to me.

Music is a part of me. It is the mode of expression that works the best for me, but I did not know that until I applied myself.

The decision to drive myself further was a turning point in my self discovery. I learned to try new things, and to see if those were for me. I wanted to discover more about myself and the people and scenes around me.

I discovered that music is something that I can be good at. Music is not just for entertainment. For me music is another way of speaking.

To truly understand who I am, I had to apply myself. I had to lead myself to discover my identity. My identity is my own, and I am responsible for it. Though others may have shaped my identity, I discovered it. I nourished it.

I became a better musician, because I worked hard and challenged myself. I became a better person, because I discovered my true identity.

Striving to learn more about the world will lead you to better understanding of yourself and those around you. You will learn new things that you can do, and you will discover your true identity.