This I Believe

Jong Ho - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

A black hole draws in and traps anything nearby. Addiction, in a sense, is a black hole because it draws in and traps people who are lurking nearby. Whether it be drugs, sex, television, the internet, or books, addiction keeps people pursuing their desires. I believe in the power of addiction.

Addiction drives me to go to the extremes. It forces me to take the sniffs, puff the smokes, and drink the desirable drinks of alcohol. Addiction, when combined with a computer, is all I need to click the one click. This click leads to collages of nude men and women.

An addict is oblivious to what is happening to his or her mind. For instance, drug addicts may be completely aware of what is happening to their physical body, but they are unaware of the damage that is done to their minds. They suffer losses and become desperate to get high. They purchase drugs even after they lose their jobs, go broke, lose their families, and go to jail. Some even turn to prostitution.

I am an addict. I have dealt with addiction before. I still deal with gadgets and such. When I look into the clear, illuminant windows of an Apple store, my eyes are drawn to the sleek, radiating gadgets.

Just three months ago, I bought a new phone. The old phone is still intact but too bulky for my taste. That day I spent my four months worth of lunch money. After three months of starving and one more month to go, I have noticed again that my addiction is very costly. I have also learned that I am very bad at overcoming my addiction. I still buy a new phone every year or so. Who doesn’t?

Yes, I am addicted to electronic gadgets; not drugs. And yes, I am guilty of having been sucked into the black hole of addiction. I have suffered months of depression and starvation because of my addiction. After all, my addiction is very costly. I have been so desperate to get my “high.” I have learned that addictions are best when avoided. I am addicted to electronic gadgets.

Whether it is an addiction to singing music or drinking alcohol, all addictions, I believe, are bad. They usually interfere with other work one may have, such as schoolwork. Personally, my addiction to gadgets has led me to spend countless hours on the internet, reading reviews and news. Due to this issue, I have occasionally neglected completing my schoolwork.

Addiction is uneasy to overcome for me. I have heard of drug addicts who have achieved escape, but I must admit that I don’t have the willpower to escape my addiction. One thing is clear, though. I believe in the power of addiction, and this belief has led me circumnavigate the black holes known as addiction.