This I Believe

Logan - Doerun, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Existence and Events: They Don’t Just Happen

Have you ever wondered why something has happened? Why a certain event has taken place at a certain time to certain people? Why someone has died? Or have you simply let yourself believe that there was no reason? Well, if you have let yourself believe that there was no purpose, you are lying to yourself.

In my opinion, everything and everyone has a purpose. When I reminisce on events that have taken place over the years I think about why they have happened. Take birth for example. If George Washington wasn’t born would we have presidents today? If Abraham Lincoln wasn’t born would the United States continue to be segregated? What about Tiger Woods? If Tiger Woods wasn’t born would we have one of the greatest golfers the world has ever known? Who knows? This is where purpose plays a role. If George Washington wasn’t born, Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t have become president, meaning that Lincoln wouldn’t have ended segregation, so therefore Tiger Woods wouldn’t have the freedom to play golf. Now I don’t know if these things would have been completely different if these people weren’t born, someone else might have accomplished what these people accomplished, but I doubt it. Now take a more recent event for example, if the tragedy of September 11th had not occurred, would Americans have united as we did that day and every day since then? As horrible as September 11th was, it had a purpose.

Four years ago my parents and I were driving home one Sunday after church. On the way home we passed a car sitting on the side of the road, and standing beside that car was a man with a look of frustration that enveloped his entire face. After driving nearly one mile past the stranded man, my dad decided to turn around and see if the man needed help. The man needed to make a phone call, so my dad let the man use his phone to call for help, and after the man confirmed that he had help on the way he said, “I owe you one.”, and thinking nothing of it, my parents and I headed home. About one month later, rain was pouring down and the roads were slick. My dad was on his way home from work when he hit a large puddle of water and hydroplaned into the oncoming lane, hitting a pickup truck head on. The impact was so hard that it rendered my dad unconscious, and the steering wheel column crushed his chest and ribcage, trapping him inside the truck. While my dad was stuck inside the truck a man spotted him on the side of the road as he was driving by. By this time my dad had come to, but did not have enough energy to even attempt to get out of the truck. The man who spotted my dad walked up to the truck window and miraculously, that was the very same man that my dad had helped out one month earlier. The man called for help and sat with my dad and the other man involved in the accident until the ambulance arrived. Once they got to the hospital, the doctors told my dad that if he had been trapped inside the truck for very much longer he would have died. Because of that man, my dad is alive today. Coincidence; I think not.

Everything has purpose, and as crazy as some things may be, I remember that and never question it. From the smallest things, such as taking an interest in golf like Tiger Woods, to the birth of a child, it is significant. Everything has a purpose! This, I believe.