This I Believe

emily - skokie, Illinois
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Trust is what keeps us moving forward, trust in the reasons past events happened, and the better future that is to come. Trust in our friends, family, teammates, teachers, and most importantly, our own selves. I put faith in myself, and have confidence that others can and will be there for me when I cannot do it alone. Trust brings you closer to one another, and keeps you there. Even when times turn for the worst, trust keeps you looking up, and ready for what is next.

It can be as simple as trusting someone to remember to mail something, from trusting a friend to keep a secret, to trusting that someone is there to hold you when the unexpected happens. I have experienced the range of these, and my faith in my friends and family never failed.

I grew up in a fairly large town called Skokie. I went to a kindergarten through eighth grade school with all the same people I grew up with. Everyone knew each other, their families, and what their favorite candy was well before the last year of eighth grade. Even though high school made some distant, it brought me closer to my best friend even more than before. There was no doubt in our trust of friendship; we were always there for each other.

I remember the day, the exact moment, what the weather was like, and where I was when I got the call. It was a cold winter morning, about eight o’ clock, on a late start school day. I had just finished a three-mile run for morning wrestling practice. I was walking out of school to shower at home and return later to school to then wrestle in a meet later that day. As the phone rang I thought it might be a breakfast call to go to Pat’s Place Restaurant, but what I heard made time stop. My friend’s brother never woke up that morning. No one expects these things to occur, we believe that nothing bad will happen to the people we love, and when it does, it’s then when our true colors show. That day my friend put her trust in us to help her through the long, never ending process to not only be there for her, but go out of our way to do anything to help.

Trust helps me believe that tomorrow will be better for not just me, but their family as well. Everything takes time, but if we can all keep trust in one another to be there, then anything can be easier. Trust that things happen for a reason, that we are capable of more, and that people can really help.