This I Believe

Jessica - Catawissa, Missouri
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe life isn’t worth living without laughter.

I first came to this realization not too long ago. My first semester at college has been a huge learning experience; a fresh start at a new reputation, new friends, and the beginning of the final leg of preparation for my future career. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. It’s nice to know that I can be who I am and not worry what people will think because there are no preconceived expectations now that I’m in college. Life is so exciting, full of new experiences, spontaneity, and of course, laughter.

A group on campus known as UCB, University Center Board, rented out the local civic center and sponsored a night of free ice skating for Millikin students.

“Size seven please!” After the extensive lacing up process, which took about twenty minutes, I’m good to go. I wobble my way to the rink, and then I’m on the ice. Look out skaters, here I come! But wait, the ice is so slippery, and all of those years of dance I took just flew out the window – my sense of balance is nowhere to be found. All of a sudden – bam! I’m on the ice, but this time, it’s not my skates. It happens to be my entire backside. As I slide across the ice at dangerous speeds, I nearly miss crashing into a whole line of skaters who evidently have a much better sense of balance than me. Then two of my friends arrive on the scene, and between the three of us I manage to become vertical again. Needless to say the wall and I got to know each other pretty well by the end of the night. I wasn’t too keen on venturing out into the open after my first experience out there.

Even though everyone at the skating event saw my anything-but-graceful fall to the ice, I managed to laugh pretty much the entire time, as did everyone else. The whole scene was hilarious and deserved every bit of the laughter that followed. Being able to laugh at myself is something I have learned since being in college. Worrying about what other people will think is a waste of time and energy – think of all the fun I would have missed out on had I not been able to laugh at my lack of balance! A life without laughter is uneventful and just plain boring – why live it? It is important to have balance, both in the rink and also in life, and laughter is an essential element in that balance that leads to living a happy, healthy life.