Leaving Her for College

Erika - Elburn, Illinois
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I Believe in sisterly bonds….

I have been very close to my family my entire life but being away at college has made me appreciate them even more. My little sister, Sydney, is nine years old and even though there is a big age difference we are very close. This last summer I would baby-sit her two to three days a week. She would come with me shopping, to my friends’ houses, and anywhere else I had to go. I would read with her and we would have picnics in the yard when it was nice. She became one of my closest friends. When I was packing up my room to leave for college she would help me even though she would tell me she didn’t want me to go.

The first week that I was away from her I kept looking for her to be following behind me. Every time I would look back and see that she wasn’t there I would feel like something was missing. I would use the web camera on my computer to talk to her, and she would show me what books she was reading or her homework assignments. I got so homesick for her in those first few weeks. I would call her after school just to find out how her day went and hear her voice.

When I went back for Thanksgiving it was her birthday. She was having her party on Saturday and she wanted me to help her with it. We went shopping together and got the party favors and decorations on Wednesday. On the day of the party we went to go see a movie together as part of her birthday gift. After the movie we went home and set up for all the games and decorated the basement. I spent the night teaching her friends the game of mash, the electric slide, and all of the other important slumber party games. The fact that she wanted me to still be a part of her party meant so much to me. We were back to how we had been before I left. I could still come home and fall right back into place.

To think that I am going to miss four years of her life is unbelievable. I am going the miss the ages of eight to twelve. She will change so much in that time. Boys will no longer have cooties and she will be making decisions that will start the path for her whole life and shape the type of person she will become. I hope that she can learn from me and become the wonderful person I know that she can be. I hope that I will still recognize her and remain close to her. She is my baby, my little sister, my best friend, and I will always be there for her no matter how she chooses to live her life. I believe in the power of sisterly bonds.