I believe that literacy lives

Sean - Wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As I look back throughout the semester, I have come to the conclusion that literacy is an ever changing and growing aspect of my life. Literacy is more than an accomplished task that exists for a brief moment and then fades into the past as might an essay or book that I read. I believe that literacy is an internal application of personal experience to an outside source that is both new and challenging. When I read a book, I extract from its pages what is necessary for me to understand its meaning. As I grow and develop, so does my ability to apply myself to new obstacles that come my way. In the same way that I learn to walk, run, talk, drive a car, and work my first job, literacy is molding to every detail of my growth and serves as a tool that I use to connect myself to each new phase of life. Literacy is alive, and I believe that this living quality allows a much more rich and valuable purpose when applied to academic exercises. During the semester, I noticed a very interesting pattern in the subject matter of each writing and reading assignment given. Every assignment contained a different way in which an individual learned an unknown or unexpected lesson in their life. Each lesson learned varied from difficulty with reading and writing to the perception and sensitivity to people that are different. These assignments created multiple perspectives on each situation, and I believe this served to reestablish that literacy is more than a stagnant element found within the pages of a book. Every assignment revealed a new definition for “literacy” as it would apply to a recognition and understanding of social, academic, emotional, and ethical situations. I have seen literacy affect me throughout the semester and not the other way around which is evident of its living quality. I have learned apply myself (my thoughts and actions) to multiple theories and situations that have challenged my abilities to critically think about my own experiences and opinions. I believe that literacy exists to measure the moments throughout my life when a new connection is made or a new realization and understanding is revealed. Literacy, to me, is as valuable to recognize as a life-long companion as it is to value relationships with any individual that I meet; it is because of literacy that I can communicate after all. There are so many aspects of literacy that have unlocked themselves before me this semester, and I truly believe that literacy is a precious tool in making life worth living.