This I Believe

Bill - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Have You Ever Had A Problem Or Challenge That Is Very Difficult To Over Come

Have you ever had a problem or challenge, well I have in fact I have had many, one of them are very hard to over come. Some times I am easily mad or frustrated with my problems or challenges that I have.

One of my most recent problems was Christmas shopping for my family. It is so hard; I just try to get one thing that my whole family can share. Well this year it was not easy, it was very difficult I shopped for two hours which felt like two days. I hate shopping; there is no point. You can go in there and spend all the money you have earned for a month and spend it all in two seconds. I looked and looked but could not find any thing so I called my older brother T.J. and asked him what he was getting for the family for Christmas. He had bought a video camera but wanted to take it back because it was very expensive. I told him that I would split the cost and we would just get it. He liked that idea so he told me how much, and it was even a little more than I wanted to spend. It was a lot of money, but I gave him the money and that ended my shopping this year so I didn’t fill too bad about how much it was.

A problem that I have had recently is with the wrestling team. I have wrestled for four years, but this year I decided to do some other stuff. I have a job and I like to work so I was just going to stay working and save some money. Well no one took it the way I wish they would have. The coaches came to me and ask me what the problem is; I just told them that I have decided to do other stuff this year. They didn’t understand because they just would not back down. They just kept coming to me and asking me. I just kind of started tell them I didn’t wont to talk about it and to leave me alone. About two weeks later every one got over it and they stopped asking about it. I was happy with the decision I made and that’s kind of wear it ended.

You will have many challenges in your life all I have to say is just keep trying you will over come them fight for what you think is right.