This I Believe

Will - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Journey to Your Dreams

From the base of the mountain, you can just make it out. You catch just a glimpse of the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen. Everything you have ever wanted is within reach; all you have to do is climb to the peak of the mountain. Do you give in from the start, admitting, “It is too hard; why try?” Or do you announce, “The journey will be long and hard, but I can make it. I want to see my dreams come true.” I believe everyone should chase their dreams and see those dreams come true.

My dream of obtaining a black belt lodged at the top of my mountain. Just strolling along, I started up the trail, and it was easy at first. With a relatively relaxed schedule, I made my way up the mountain, until I met my first steep incline. Jumping into harder classes tightened my schedule. I stumbled a bit, but I did not turn back. The mountain grew progressively steeper, as I learned new techniques and gained more responsibility as a higher ranking belt.

High school brought the first real threat to my dream when the alluring sights and sounds of the drum line almost made me jump off my mountain. Still, my desire to be a black belt called to me over the sound of my drum, and I continued up my mountain. As my activities claimed more of my time, the final three months of preparation began. My mountain became a straight-up struggle to my black belt. I almost let go. I almost fell down to where I started. Instead, I held on with all my strength through growing responsibilities, disappearing time, and huge expectations, so that I could taste victory. The three months of that extreme race to the top exhausted me. However, when that glorious day came, and I proudly wrapped my black belt around my waist, I looked out and saw everything that I had conquered. I defeated steep, rocky terrain and knee-deep snow on my mountain. I found no resting spot, but I persevered. I defeated my mountain, and saw my dreams come true.

My journey does not end there. From the top of my mountain, I can see other mountains longing to be conquered. After claiming my first mountain, I can tell anyone who asks how great it is to see dreams come true. I can also share how difficult it is to achieve those dreams. There are mountains out there waiting for you. Your dreams are waiting at the top. Are you going to climb to the top of your mountain? Are you going to see your dreams come true?