This I Believe

chanse - heber, Utah
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Are you involved in a high school sport or club? If not why? I’m chanse Poulson and football is my sport. Some kids don’t want to try out because they don’t want to get made fun of because they don’t know the rules or they don’t want to go to practice every day. Ill tell you right now its well worth it at the end of the season when your team takes the championship. Our team has taken the championship 2 years in a row and this year we went undefeated freshmen ball doesn’t have playoffs. Rodeo is another great sport I plane on joining this spring when I get a better horse I plane on bull dogging when they let out a steer out and you come out and take it down by twisting its head around your time starts as soon as u get out of the shoot. Saddle bronk is when they have a horse with a bronk saddle and a halter with a rope. Your time starts when you get out of the shoot you got to make 8 seconds your score depends on the horse and how you stay on and spear. Bullrideing is the toughest I think you got a bull rope that you put your hand into and have some one tighten it and put in your hand your time starts when you get out of the shoot you have to stay on for 8 seconds to score.

These are a few great sports. Theirs tons find one your good at and like baseball or tennis, racet ball, bowling, soccer, all of these are fun.

It will help you get through school and keep u out of trouble and in shape.

So try out for a sport or even a club or both. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!