This I Believe

Ryan - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I woke up slowly and looked at my watch. With a shock, I realized that I was thirty minutes late already. I hit myself on my forehead, knowing I had forgotten to set my alarm, and leapt out of bed. I showered, got dressed, and ran out the door in a matter of ten minutes and sprinted to the bus stop, where the last boy at my stop was clambering up the steps. Right when I heard the electric door close behind me, I remembered that my math and science homework was still in my room.

Since that day two years ago, I have never allowed that disaster to happen again. The night of that dreadful Monday, I decided to create a routine to guarantee that my alarm would go off at 6:20 in the morning. I believe in routines.

I believe in routines. Routines are a way to keep your life organized throughout the day. For example, my daily routine after coming home from school starts with an hour of laziness followed by at least an hour of homework. After I finish my homework, I pack it back into my backpack and eat dinner. My alarm is always on, and the weekends I just sleep through the minute of annoying beeps. By having my alarm always set and my backpack packed, I am assured to have a long shower, time to dress, and a leisurely breakfast without worrying about missing the bus.

I believe in routines. Routines can get all the things you hate about your day out of the way, leaving more time for other things. I hate taking out the garbage, and I used to do pointless things to procrastinate doing the putrid task. After a while, I still had to face the inevitable. Yet after starting my routine it snowballed until I even had taking the garbage out mixed in with my other chores. On Saturday, when my alarm goes off, I, still half asleep, walk downstairs and take out the garbage. Before I realize I am doing the thing I hate I’m already back in my warm bed sleeping.

I believe in routines. Everyone, no matter what age or occupation, should have a routine of some sort. They give you time, they make sure you have your necessities, and they make sure your day will turn out good. My routine has become a major part of my life, and if you try one out, yours would be too.

I expect that in the near future, when I go off to college, my routine will be completely ruined. But through my experience in routines, I will be able to start a new one and get back in the groove. I know that without a routine, my college life would be so much more difficult than my life with one. I also know that from now on my life will always have some sort of routine, and that is a good feeling. I believe in routines.