The Most Powerful Substance on Earth

David - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, love

Getting through life is the hardest part of life. There are days when you cry on a sunny day, or days when you think you could live to be a hundred. Then there is the day, the one day when life seems to stand still. The day you know everything is going to change. You fall asleep at night wishing the sun would never kiss the horizon again. That day came for me.

I was eight years old when my father died. A man so full of life was slain by a drunk driver. The driver knew what he was doing was wrong and illegal. But what he did not see was the child crying behind his mother, pondering what he never learned from his father. Nor did he see the grieving family who had to change their ways forever.

I faced that man in court one day. I stood before him, reading aloud my essay to the judge about how my life has changed. I wrote my feelings down on the paper. That man did not even care what I had to say. He did not show any remorse for his actions. He just focused on his lawyer that promised him a short jail time. One short year.

When I look back on those tough days in my life, I go into thought about how anyone, much less myself, can get through all of the emotional pain. Although I could never prove it, I knew it in my heart. Love. Where love comes from did not matter. Love can come from the hearts of moms, friends, siblings, and even strangers. Love has the power to heal and protect.

I received a lot of love through that time. Once the news broke out into the community, love seemed to start coming. People from the community would cook for my distraught family. A group of friends from my father’s work came together and purchased tickets for my extended family to fly in from New York. People donated money in my father’s honor for the new park in my community. My friend wrote a poem about his experiences with my father. Even the smallest of things made love apparent.

From all these actions, I could feel the love. I believe love is the most powerful substance on earth.