This I Believe

Andrew - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

A Little Goes a Long Way

A little can do a lot for a person. Milliseconds can spare a driver from death. One wrong turn can leave a person stranded. One irrational thought can ruin a life-time of hard work. Once a wrong turn is made, most people don’t come back; only those who try and correct their mistakes and keep on driving.

I believe a little can go a long way.

One day, three hours changed my life. And Bill’s.

This I believe.

It was Friday night, and where was I? Wasting my time in some stupid Must Ministries Soup Kitchen making food for a few homeless losers. In three hours my group would cook, serve, converse, and eat. I ended up at a table with Bill, a man who had recently attempted suicide. He had been a nurse, happily married with two young children. He tried to throw it all away. As our conversation continued, his face shifted from a gloomy and depressed frown to a warm smile. He spilled his mind to me, his family life, how he dreamed of becoming an engineer, and how in an engineer’s workday, they save more lives than doctors. When nine o’clock flashed on the clock, I did not want to leave this “stupid soup kitchen.” Bill gazed at me with teary blue eyes and said,” This is the most wonderful time I have had since I last saw my family.” I hugged my new friend and sulked out the door. I spent the whole night thinking about how selfish I was, and how I could change.

This I believe.

Two mornings later, at Sunday school, I was told that Bill wrote the church a letter, remarking about what a nice young man I was and to thank me for my time. His words were my impetus for change.

I believe a few strokes of a pencil or taps of a keyboard can change a life.

That one-eighth of a day, one two-thousand-nine hundred-twentieth of a year, set up a homeless man’s confidence. Those measly minutes allowed him to figure out his heading and plan his roadmap for the future. He corrected his wrong turn, and it sparked my engine to make me change, setting me down my own path with my own roadmap.

I believe a few hours are worth years more.

I believe a man can change his life with a tiny turn of his steering wheel.

This, I believe.