Succeeding through Endurance

Grace - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

Endurance. That word had always seemed so far away from my reach; it’s something you actually have to put an effort in. I guess growing up in a society where everything is usually prepared or done for you, you don’t encounter much of it. So I never really believed in endurance. Until my eighth grade summer.

I still do recall that summer with pride. That summer, when everyone went on vacations or partied at their beach house, I was in summer school getting credit for health and physical education classes. Since the classes were squeezed in to be finished in one month, one class was three hours a day. Even better, my schedule set me up for physical education as second period from noon to three p.m. We were required to run the track for an hour every day from twelve to one, and coincidentally, that’s when the sun is directly above your head shooting out flaming swords. There were times when the sun is just beating down on us, surrounding the atmosphere unbreathable air. That’s when most of the people left the track to lie flat under the tree. Except for me.

I had set myself up to work toward a goal during this summer school; I wasn’t going to go through this suffering with nothing achieved. I had put on twenty pounds this past year and was determined to sweat them all of through running. Everyday I would add another round to my record from the day before, and usually end up as the last person on the track.

“Oh my gosh! Look at Grace, she’s pathetic.”

“Oh, please. Let’s act like we don’t know her.”

“Look at her, what is she thinking? I am embarrassed to be her friend!”

Day by day my friends would use harsher words and make vitriolic comments at me. But their flouting didn’t make me give in, instead, it motivated me. And I most definitely remember using such satisfied voice to report my rounds of track whenever the coach questioned us.

As the month went by, I endured the damp humidity, the agonizing sores, and the unkind attitudes from my friends. Most importantly, I attained my goal and lost that corpulent body of mine. Looking back, I now see the very one thing I grasped onto when feeling hopeless was endurance. I did not have the ability to run three miles a day, but as I add one more round each day, endurance always hit me at that last round. I believe there is hardship through every goal in life, and it is only through endurance can these goals be achieved.