This I Believe

nicole - Wilmington, Massachusetts
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

Nicole L. Period 7

I believe in abstinence from drugs and alcohol

Throughout life we are exposed to many obstacles, those who are strong enough to overcome them are usually strong enough to overcome the consumption of drugs and alcohol. My whole life I have been exposed to the effects of excessive alcohol and drug use. Three of my Great aunts and uncles and many of my older cousins have shown me how drugs and alcohol not only destroy your personality but it also destroys your personal life.

For years my aunts have been battling alcohol and drug addictions but never seem to overcome it. Do I blame them, no their family and the only reason they began these habits was because of devastating events in their lives, they lost their mother at very young ages and not only were they without a mother but the example set by their father was no different from the lifestyle they live today. My great grandfather was an alcoholic and abusive person after his wife died; he had succumbed to a fate he would lead his children into. Throughout my life I have seen my family members fall to the terrible fate of abusive alcohol and drug addictions. And the only way to save them is to show them the only person who can is themselves.

As a member of SADD (students against destructive decisions) I feel it is my duty to inform people of all ages that the things you see on TV and other advertisements about destructive alcohol and drug choices are real and though the drugs and alcohol may numb the pain they will never be able to erase reality. Destroying your self this way may make you feel like your alone but the ones who love you are suffering just as much. There’s a saying “when a mothers child scrapes their knee the mothers knee is ripped apart” this saying fits in perfectly because those who love you fall just as hard as you do and maybe even harder when you make these destructive decisions. When people lose their dreams they lose themselves. Throughout my cousin Jim’s life his mom and dad were both drug addicts and alcoholic’s although temptation was there he refused to fall to the fate like his parents, he excelled in school and became an All American baseball player he got a full boat scholarship to UNH on a pitchers scholarship. All his mom had to do was fill out the forms but she was to drunk to even try. My cousin now goes to a community college and is trying to redeem his scholarship but his chances are slim. His mom’s mistake ended as his consequence and may threaten the rest of his career life. As you can see drugs don’t make things better they just numb the pain. Throughout my life I’ve seen my aunts fallen over drunk and my uncle developing lung cancer because he’s been a chain smoker for 50 out of his 60 years. There is no cure for addiction there is only hope that those who have fallen to this fate can intervene before it’s to late.

My mom’s decision to expose me to these elements was smart because I realized these things are not only in TV drama’s there in reality. My Family members made stupid mistakes and their suffering for it, but don’t get me wrong some of my aunts and uncle’s kids escaped the fate but others are falling harder then their parents. Life’s to short to walk through it without feeling. Remember that the difference between TV drama and reality is actors/actresses can walk away from the script but my aunts and uncles and cousins can’t because that script is their life.