This I Believe

Supum - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Goals Change Lives

I believe in the power of goals and their capacity to change people’s lives. From big goals to small, whether it’s charity organizations resolving to save the world, or a husband determining to save his struggling home, goals have shown to be the largest agent of change in people, and I can testify to this.

In the ninth grade, I was hit by my Sunday-school teacher with the age-old question: What do you want to become? I hadn’t given it much thought before; I just lived life day by day. However, the more and more I considered it, I was getting frustrated. What DO I want to become? I wrestled with the question at night, tossing and turning from the lack of sleep. I started to stay up later to Google some professions, when I came across the prestigious job of doctor. Up until this moment, searching through job after job, I kept asking myself, “Is it worth it?” As I continued my search, I found that everywhere around the world, someone needed a doctor. To be needed, to be able to make an impact on someone’s life, I found that this was truly something I wished to be a part of. This was worth it. It was then that I realized my purpose, my dream, my goal in life.

Finding a goal has given me the determination to take initiative with my life. And more importantly than choosing what I’ll do with my life, I know that the road to the realization of my goal will be an enriching experience and one that will prepare me for life.

I believe all the homeless people, all the criminals, all the people who find no meaning in life are not lost causes; they just have yet to find a goal. Goals can change the course of one’s life. The realization of a goal can be an enlightening experience where everything cluttered in the mind becomes clear and there is only one focus left. No matter the age, race, or gender, finding a goal can change one’s life and inspire others to do the same.