This I Believe

Ka Huen - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

The Nanny, The Money, And The Importance Of Honesty

Since the day I was born, my parents have emphasized the importance of honesty. They said that honesty was a virtue and dishonesty could bring sadness and disaster, but it was only when I was ten that I realized the true meaning of honesty.

Because my parents were both working, they found me a nanny, Nana. Nana spent more than seven years with me. To me, she was something more than just a nanny: she was the first friend I had ever made. However, everything changed after my mother discovered Nana stealing my money. I was completely shocked at first and then I was heartbroken. I felt betrayed. I had always considered her as someone important to me. How could she do that to me? Did she know that she lost my trust and my love?

Nana pleaded with us not to throw her in prison. She said she stole for a good reason: her daughter back in Thailand was seriously ill and she immediately needed money for her surgery. My parents agreed not to file any charges against her; nevertheless, my father insisted on discharging Nana. He said Nana had failed his trust and she should take responsibility for her own dishonesty. Although I deplored my parents for dismissing Nana, she still left my house on the next day morning. I was extremely angry at my parents: everyone makes mistakes. Why not giving her a second chance? I cried and screamed and did not speak to my parents for a whole week.

We heard form Nana again a year later when we picked up a newspaper. She was imprisoned on several fraud charges. The judge heard her plead guilty and sentenced her to four years of jail. When I read the newspaper, I began to reconsider the value of honesty. What Nana did to me had affected me greatly that for a time I did not believe in people easily, always doubting if they were nice to me only to take advantage from me. Deceptive people may initially gain profit; however, their mendacities will suffer loss rather than gain, just like my nanny. She lost her liberty, friendship, prestige, job, and future due to her abuse of trust. When Nana deceived me, she hurt my feelings. “Treat others as you wanted to be treated.” Hence, from that day on, I have disciplined myself to be frank to everybody. I believe if everyone is honest to one another, our society will achieve harmony and, ultimately, world peace.