As I Run into Integrity

Alisa - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Bzzz… 6:00 a.m. My dreams were ruined, popped, blown. I rolled out of bed and dragged my feet over to my alarm clock. I turned it off and decided to lie down for five more minutes. Just five. Just to see the end of my dream. But of course, five would become ten, ten would become fifteen and so on until I would decide to sleep and not run. The same thing happened for a month. I tried to blame my laziness, lack of responsibility, and dishonesty on everything else except for me. Yesterday, it was the rain. The day before that I didn’t feel well and I had a test in class. But today, it was going to be different. Today I would do it. I would run.

I trusted myself less and less with everyday I avoided running. I said I would run but everyday I did not. When I finally did run, my self confidence and self trust improved. I felt responsible for my life and for myself. The rain, the weather, and my test were no longer in control of my life. They no longer guided my actions. They no longer twisted my integrity. Eventually, I ignored these things and ran. Even though I did still did not want to run. However, I had said I would. So, I did.

I believe in the power to think, say, and do. I believe in integrity. When I told my mom I ran, she was shocked that I did what she had begged me to do for so long. I said I would do it each time she asked; but then, I would always find an excuse. Although running in the morning was a small accomplishment, it meant a lot. I realized how important it is to live with integrity. Without it, people couldn’t trust me. Like them, I could not trust myself. I could not believe in myself. Nothing I said was ever final and everything changed on the spot.

Integrity is different for everyone. Moral standards define integrity. For me, integrity means to say something and do it, to not be late, to be responsible for my actions, and to be honest to myself.

When I started living my life with integrity, everything changed. My parents trusted me and let me make my own decisions. They knew that if I planned to do something then I would do it at the time I said I would. My friends knew they could ask me for help, and if I said I would help, I would. My classmates, my parents, and my friends respected me more; but more importantly, I felt honest with myself. With their support, I believed that if I wanted to I could succeed at anything. I believe I will, but most of all I believe in integrity.