My Belief in Stubbornness

Philippe - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I still have a long life to live, but I have figured out that never giving up helps build my self esteem and believe in what I can accomplish. My stubbornness has helped me throughout my life, and it will help me into the future.

Not too long ago, I remember watching my grades fall in many classes; some fell very low. Though I was disappointed, I did not give up. Watching my grades fall sparked my determination. I managed to bring up my grades though, but it was difficult. I could not have done this without my stubbornness. The determination gave me a feeling of fulfillment and made me believe that I could accomplish things that I could not accomplish before. Whenever I think about this time, I realize that I could have very well given up. I have given up before. After playing eight years of violin, I gave up on it at the end of eighth grade. I thought that it had become too hard, and my orchestra teacher was always against me, so I quit. But if I had quit with my grades, I would not have gotten the feeling of fulfillment, I would not have had a boost in my self esteem, neither would I have believed in what I could really accomplish. If I had chosen to give up, I am sure that nothing bad would have happened other than my grades falling. I might have been disappointed for some time, but everything would have come back to normal. However, I know that I would be very different today if not for my determination and stubbornness.

Many unexpected things can happen when someone chooses not to give up. At the beginning of this roller hockey season, my team I was on did horrible and lost four straight games without winning a single one. At our next game, we were not expecting a win. On the rink, most of my team, including me, kept fighting, not giving up until the last second, and we were able to win six to two. The overall morale of the team increased, and for once, spirits were high. As a result of my team’s determination, we were able to win. We started to believe that we could win other games. We were able to build hope. There was no more blaming the defense or goalie for not playing their position or letting a bad shot in. The team’s pride improved greatly as did the overall character of most of the players.

Stubbornness boosted my self esteem. Stubbornness showed me what I could really accomplish. Stubbornness allowed us to win. I now incorporate stubbornness in my life every day. I so not give up on something no matter how small it is. I try until the end, and I get better results every time I am stubborn. (481)