This I Believe

Stephanie Arani - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in indulgences. I believe in little quirks and personal attributes that supply comfort and familiarity in the middle of an otherwise off day.

My life has not always been free of harm and problems. Many of my memories consist of jam packed funerals and sloppy, grief-filled hugs. I, however, have a little piece of joy that allows for some consistency in my turbulent life: coffee. Coffee is a common thing, but it is also rather indulging and forgiving.

My indulgence started with one bad day. My mother had driven me to soccer practice at 6:30 where I ran amok for an hour and a half. Then I paced. Unfortunately my mom did not receive any telepathic messages that I was impatiently waiting. It was 9 pm before my mom’s van crunched over the gravel parking lot. Apologies were gushed and an explanation was given. We had to go and retrieve my step-sister from her mother’s house in South Carolina. The drive was one hour and 30 minutes each way. We finally arrived home at midnight, and I thought I might die of exhaustion. My eyelids fluttered, and my legs shook after running and being stuffed in a car for three whole hours.

The next morning my guilty and sheepish mother plopped a cup of coffee down before me. That one jolt of caffeine kept me awake through what I was sure would be a weary day. I now drink a cup of coffee every single morning. Indulgences keep a person alive and sane.

I have found that indulgences can be therapeutic as well. Just recently I had so many tests and quizzes on one day, I thought it must violate some sort of constitutional amendment. I did not deal with this insane amount stress like my friends and go into a studying frenzy. Instead I gave into my temptations. I made a pot of coffee and read The Catcher in the Rye for what must be the tenth time. My methods of dealing with life’s challenges may be considered shallow and unreliable, but I refuse to sacrifice them.

My friends have lectured me for years about the health benefits from water; however, I choose to ignore them. It’s not that I believe in disregarding the body, but rather I think that pleasure is a necessary component to the human soul. Happiness is often put on the back burner of our lives. Americans work constantly and tirelessly to earn money and status. Without a little extra something, our lives are simply empty.

I believe in chocolate bars and cheesy romance novels; I believe in long walks and bad television. They help us to keep our chins up and our smiles broad. And honestly, what on Earth is more important?