I Believe In Slim Chances

Jacob - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

In the extremely competitive world we live in today, I believe in slim chances.

Acting has been my passion since I was very young; the theater had always been a very exciting creative outlet for me. Still, I began to wonder if I could branch out to other art forms.

One weekend, my curiosity forced me, against my will, to go to an audition for a movie series. As this wasn’t my first, I knew what to expect: child prodigies everywhere, “stage” mothers constantly pushing their kids to read their lines just a few more times, and all of us being called into the small room to give it our best shot. My mind drifted because I understood that I had a very small chance of getting the part. They either loved or hated you, simple as that.

When it was finally my turn, I entered the back room and gave my performance. After I was finished, they gave me a “Thank you” and a “We’ll call you” as I exited the room.

Because I was new to show business, I did not expect the callback I received a few days later. Again I entered that back room; again, they gave me a “Thank you” and a “We’ll call you.” A much bigger surprise came a week later when I got a call telling me I got the part.

This fist big success made me believe in slim chances, but more importantly, it made me interested in film. After a few years of practice, I decided to try my luck by entering a film contest. Under my direction, my friends and I submitted one of our first wholehearted attempts. Again, the cast, crew, and I had a very minuscule chance of winning first prize, yet we persisted simply for our love of the art.

The film was sadly disqualified for reasons not related to its content. Still, the judges ran the video along with the ones that were accepted. As we were exiting the theater, a man stopped us, handed us his card, and said, “Call me next time you want to do this.” We looked at the card, and his title read “Stunt Coordinator.”

This time, I took the chance and failed miserably. Still, the fact that we were taken seriously has given me the hope and drive to persist on to continue my work. Whether I succeed or fail, there is something to be gained from any experience; thus, I believe in slim chances.