I Believe in Accidents

Akshat - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I like to experiment. I like to try new things, to mix vinegar and garlic, just to see what I will get. However, all experiments are dangerous, and accidents happen.

We all have accidents. We all make mistakes. We all forget that test, leave some homework at our house. We all run through the street, shoving people out of our way. We all forget to tell our family where we’re going. We all forget to turn our cell phones on. Accidents bring many things good, like new friends, and bad, such as a bloody nose or a black eye.

I know how hard it is being new to a town, so when a kid moved into the neighborhood, I went to say hi. Maybe it was a fluke, or accident, or just luck, but ten minutes later we were throwing his newly unpacked football up and down the street. Back and forth we threw the pigskin, talking all the while. We were hitting it off.

Soon, I became overzealous and threw the football harder than necessary. The ball flew past his outstretched hands. A second later, he was rolling around on the asphalt; blood covering his face. I had given him a bleeding eye, a black eye.

He rushed home and was soon on his way to the hospital. I was shocked. I was the one who blackened his eye, me. I had also ruined a potential friendship.

The next day, I was watching television when the doorbell rang. The new kid was standing there, tossing his football from one hand to the other. He wanted to know if I could come out.

Later, I asked him why he came back, why he didn’t hate me for his black eye. The new kid just shrugged and said, “Hey, it was an accident. Now, catch this bullet!”

Accidents bring horrible and wonderful things. Gunpowder was an accident, and so was coke. The discoveries of radioactivity and evolution were accidents; the former giving the Curries’ cancer, the later bringing Darwin fame. I accidentally gave someone a black eye and made a new friend.

I believe in mistakes, the unintentional. I believe in surprises, good and bad. I believe in chances, the coincidental. I believe in accidents.