This I Believe

John - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The saying goes “if you’re going through hell keep going”. You’re probably thinking if you’re in hell why would keep going through it. But when you’re going through a bad situation/ hell, you have to hope that there is another side to this hell where everything’s better. That’s just what happends, once you get rid of hope you die.

When you going through a bad situation no matter what it is you want to get out of that bad situation at all cost. That’s being hungry, doing everything you can to get your business taken care of. That’s having hope, once you get rid of that you can’t live. There was a time in my life when I just gave up and didn’t really have any drive. I was lazy, but then I started working out and getting my act together. It made my whole attitude better, it didn’t make me super happy or anything but it just gave me more confidence. Once I really found out you can change your situation no matter where your at as long you put everything into it. There are some people on this world that can’t do anything about there situation, and if you can really do something about your situation, and you don’t, you’re just wasting it. Always use your surroundings. Sometimes that’s all you got.

Statistics show that 100% of people that quit something fail it. No matter what situation it is that’s a fact. So if you really want to do something you have to try. Everything you ever do you have to try to do it so you might as well just try.

Here is an example, a man wants to make a business. But then there’s a death in his family and it hits him pretty hard. Instead of going on with his life and doing what he loves, he quits and just stays home and never leaves the house. His business a fails and so does he. He could have avoided all that just getting through his situation.

I hope you learned something from this report. That you can never just give up and feel that’s the best you can do, if you want to do better you can.