This I Believe

Daniel - wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I Believe in Music

I believe in music, and the uncompromisingly accurate description of someone’s life it can be. Take a quick glance around. Chances are, [if you are in a public place] there is at least one person with some sort of music player. Whether it is a Walkman, ipod, or one of those new fancy iphones, they each show a glimpse of the person who is listening to it. Music is a way to escape, connect with others, and express yourself. I think music has shaped my life and it shows every part of who I am. Listening to my music is something that I do instinctively. When I am trying to concentrate hard on a certain task I plug in some classical music and let it flow through and sooth me. I find myself more aware and very focused after I do this. Lets say I am going through kind of a rough day. Well I think that a little pick me up music is just as good of a cure as any. The point is whatever mood you are in; there is always a genre of music that can suit you. I think that there is more though. Music describes a person’s personality. If you happen to glance at some of the songs on my ipod I think that you would be very surprised. Not only do I have about five thousand songs, but also they are all different. I would like to think that is a reflection of who I am as a person. I enjoy variety, and new and exciting things in my music, and in my life as well. It also shows that I am not one dimensional like a lot of people. When I feel like letting of a little steam, I might listen to some rock. When I workout music motivates me to overachieve and push harder. I think that it has the same affect in other areas of my life as well. Like music people are completely different. There is a certain irony to that I think. When you see a person getting into their music you know that it really means something to them. When I share my music with someone it feels also like I am sharing a part of myself, and I know that with music I can maybe find something in common with someone that I never though I would relate to. I believe that music is a way to bring people together, and aid in establishing relationships. I know that whoever you are, and whatever you believe in we are all connected to that little beat that drives us. This I Believe.