This I Believe

Christopher - Midland, Georgia
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the value of people. In this aspect, we each have a way we can shape the world, and in a sense, even shape each other. Our experiences with the people around us provide ourselves with life lessons that we should take to heart. Through my belief in people, it has also led to learn my many other beliefs. Community, dealing with hardships, and friendship are all beliefs that I hold true to my heart. These values are an important role in the formula of what makes us who we are today.

In my freshman year of high school, I decided to join the marching band. I had no idea what to expect from a social standpoint, as I didn’t know anybody in the ensemble at the time. Eventually, many of these individuals became new friends. As we began to work countless hours together in the hardest of conditions, this soon changed. These people were no longer friends, but instead, family. In fact, I had a family of about eighty-six woodwind, brass, percussion, and color guard members. As a family, we had many good times, bad times, and even very rough times. By working together for a common goal with the people, it taught me the value of community. A marching band cannot be successful unless every single member takes the initiative to be precise in everything we do. Working together is what defines a community. We would not have achieved our goals without working with each other, as we each have a way we contributed to the ensemble. I am now a better person because of this, as this experience taught me the importance of working with others.

Fact remains, we will not always have pleasant experiences with people. I can

recount many times where I have had mishaps with family and friends alike. Many times, these mishaps have challenged my belief in the value of people. These bad experiences taught me the value of making the best of situations. We cannot change the things we have said or done, but instead, we can better ourselves and not repeat the mistakes of the past. People have taught me to look on the bright side of life. Why dwell on the bad, when we can turn it into a positive experience?

Most importantly, I believe in friendship. The value of those who care for you

cannot be matched. I had recently ended a two-year relationship, and it was very difficult for me. Being my first real break up, I cannot begin to describe the pain and grief that came upon me. For many weeks, I was not the same outgoing, fun, and dedicated person I was. I made many mistakes during this time, and let a lot of individuals dear me down. Even though I wasn’t the same person, my friends were still there for me. When I felt alone in the world, I realized that there truly are people who care about me, just like any other human being on this planet. I had friends that would come with me late at night to Downtown Columbus to let me vent. I had friends that wrote me notes telling me how they would be there for me anytime I needed them. I had friends that were dismayed at the fact that I was no longer happy. They were there for me, and that’s what makes the value of friendship so great.

I believe that every person I have met has made an impression on my life. Whether it is positive or negative, I feel that I am a better person because of my experiences with the people around me. We are all human beings, and thus share human characteristics. Human beings laugh, cry, and most importantly, love. I believe that by sharing these experiences with each other that this is how we become the people we are today. This, I believe.