This I Believe

Dillon - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Dillon L.

This I Believe Essay

7th Period

I believe in hiking mountains, not to get over them, but to experience the hike itself. Have you ever hiked a mountain? If you had, what do you remember most, the hike to get up it or actually getting to the top? You may think it was getting to the top and seeing the view, but if you think about all the details you will probably remember more of them on the hike up to the top. In life you usually will remember the last big event to happen to you, but you may not remember as many details about the actual event compared to what led up to that event. If you ever happen to meet a famous scientist that has made a big discovery ask him what he remembers more, the day when he actually made the discovery or all the hardships and such that led up to the discovery. In my life I had once procrastinated on doing a science experiment. I remember just about every detail that led up to the actual finishing date, but now I really can’t remember what actually happened the day that I finish it. Another time that I’ve experienced this is when I ski. There is a mountain that you can hike, which is about an hour’s hike. When you hike up to this peak the hike seems like it takes forever, but you can almost hardly remember getting to the top. All I’m able to seem to remember is the actual hike to the top of the mountain. I think that most people will remember the actual hike because it actual takes work to do. Anyone can stand at the top of the mountain but most people won’t climb it to find out, they’ll just take the easy way and take a bus or tram to the top of it. Many people think they can just skim through life and take the easy way out, but they will not remember most of the events leading to that point. If you take the hard way and climb the mountain you will remember more of your life than most others would. Many veterans in war will remember a lot of the war, because they had to actually take the hard way and fight in it. If you ask someone in that time what it was like to fight in that war they will have no idea, because they did not actually feel what it was like. I believe that to get to the top of a mountain isn’t the point of hiking it in the first place. The hike is the whole point of it.