This I Believe

Aniko - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Aniko B.

Plan of Action

When I was born, I entered a world with obligations. My family, being well educated and enthused in all the worldly contributions they could offer while living on Earth, expected to find many of the same qualities in me. I was quickly introduced, upon being born, to the history of my family and the honor I had to carry with me throughout my life. I was never told what college to go to, or what career I must choose, but I was given the opportunity and potential to do many great things with my life: whatever they may be.

Currently I, as a maturing high school student, have tried to map out my future. I’ve thought about plans for places to visit, colleges to apply to, and activities to attend. I have also thought about little things. What types of friends I want, and the reputation I want to have. Knowing full well that the choices I make at the moment will affect me in the long run: either helping me or keeping me behind. This sort of attitude towards my life gives me a new quality, one that my parents didn’t expect of me. It is the quality of planning. Whether it is day-to-day, or week-to-week, I plan my actions. Like a grandma treating her grandchild to a day on the town, with every event planned out so that there is no room for error or disappointment. I am not saying that I live my life by an agenda book, but I will say that I am always considering what’s next, and how I am going to react to it. Never leaving room for spontaneity or the cause for the unexpected.

Sometimes I consider not thinking about anything else than the present, just letting what is to be done-well-be done! To not let myself get caught up in every reaction that might thrust out of me at the account of this “what ever” being done. Perhaps it’s just all the things that are yet to happen in my life. But I truly believe that taking life at the moment is a quality that is so important, more than any other a parent expect from their child. I never knew just how being educated and globally active and aware are qualities that are just in my nature, ones that I was born with and don not need consider incorporating into my life: because they are already there. Maybe nurturing myself to not think about what is going happen but what is currently happening could be the most important quality I can give myself as a the next generation in my family. This I truly believe.