This I Believe

Dunja - carol stream, Illinois
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Tongues of the World

I believe in languages. The whole world is combined into one big language fest. People from all over the world are speaking in different tongues. Have you ever gone to a foreign country’s airport? I did, coming to America. I came to America at the age of six; the difficulty of learning a new language was hard for everyone in my family. I remember feeling like I was in a different world, with unfamiliar signs posted everywhere. While feeling lost, I also felt amazed at how it was so different than what I was used to. I wonder who thought of languages. There are so many people in this world, and so many countries, yet we all have our own languages and accents that we use to get our point across.

The movements of the tongue, the lips, and the different vocal sounds that people develop to learn a language is an amazing work of art. People have found ways to communicate, even in the cave men days. We have come a long way to having complete sentences, grammar and meanings. After everything, we still have that special way of communication that one cannot forget. Being part of the group “English as a Second Language,” I understood the difficulties of learning a different language, and to this day I have some difficulties with spelling and grammar. Yet it is possible. I learned the English language. I believe in languages.

Ever wonder what this world would be without any languages? There would be no communication and no society. It is essential for our survival, we communicate to make life better, easier, and more productive.

Try putting two people from different countries in a room and see how they attempt to communicate. It is part of human nature to communicate through words. Nature will find a way. To get one’s point across, a person can find a legitimate way to interact. I believe in language.

Language can come out in many different ways. It can come out bluntly, discretely or through actions. Also, different levels in tone may indicate feelings. There are so many different varieties of languages. I believe in language.

Learning a new language is a beautiful thing. It makes the world a little bit clearer, easier to understand. I have to be honest it doesn’t get any easier, only harder but it pays off in the end. The outcome is great. What could be better? I believe in language.