This I Believe

michael - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The one thing that has been around forever and every culture has in common, is music. Music brings people together and sets aside all there differences. There are many different genres of music. Whether it’s rock, rap, country, reggae, or classical, each is alike in many ways. I believe that music no matter what, is there for me.

You feel a connection to people who like the same kind of music. Music is in everyone and it’s dying to break out. Music is always there for me in the best and worst of times. I know when I’ve had a bad day or something has not gone as planned in my life, I can put on that one song or play that one rift on guitar and I feel one hundred percent better. I think that music it an outburst of the soul and it’s another way of communicating with each other. It is not a drug but a lot of times it’s a way to escape and drown things out, in a healthy way. I love to drive and driving wouldn’t be the same without music playing. Music enhances several different things whether its parties, driving, exercising or just relaxing. Music is the language of the soul and without it you cannot communicate.

When I am down I listen to music with lyrics I can somewhat relate to. But there are other times when I just listen to music that sounds good or just has a good beat to it. I’ve had many things change in my life. One of those things is my parents getting a divorce. On days where I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to, it would always help to listen or play music.

I love music and I wouldn’t be the same without it. Many things have come and gone throughout time but music and everything that it stands for has always been there and it always will be. I believe that music will always be there for me and I believe that music is necessary in life, love, and happiness.