This I Believe

Allie - Wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Power of Time

I believe in the power of time. I may be looked upon as a pessimist, but I believe that time is the only trustworthy concept in this world. I live a complicated and busy life. I am a seventeen-year-old in high school, a three-sport varsity athlete, and a dedicated family member; I have certainly had my battles with time. The essence of time is so unique that the statement “time never stops” is and forever will be true. This, I use as motivation.

I love challenges and have always packed my schedule with A.P. and Advanced classes, knowing that I still have two hour practices everyday, family events, and other commitments and obligations that arrive often. My faith in time has had a considerable impact in many stressful situations that I have overcome.

During second semester of my junior year with only eight days left until summer I consciously realized that I had to believe in the power of time. I had borderline grades in every class, which meant a demanding need to study for finals. I am a competitor; I was not going to bow down and take the lower grade with the help of excuses or laziness. Looking back on these days before finals, I can pin point the exact thought that entered my brain and carried me to the first bell of summer freedom: “School ends in exactly eight days. Time never stops! It is guaranteed that I will be handing in my last Scantron and done with school because time will not stop.” It did not matter how many hours I spent studying, sleeping, eating, or socializing because those do not have the ability to hold time back. The sun will continue to rise and set, the moon will always shine and the seconds will keep ticking, each an exact time after the other, and no outside factor can stop that. These thoughts that entered my mind converted into motivation to suck it up and get the studying done. I knew I could memorize those blinding note cards, review my old math tests, and attempt to decipher between information and doodles in my chemistry spiral because I had my trustworthy motivation edging me on.

It is never unusual that with time come regrets. One can often look back at a moment and wish they had worked harder, studied more, or done something different. The way I have stated my belief implies that I live life going through the motions and just jumping from check point to check point, never enjoying the ride of life. Truthfully, I use this belief to get through the moments that seem to gobble up my attention and humanity. I use this belief to look forward to the worthy moments and not let stressful ones seize all my energy and distract me from the goodness in the world. I believe that time never stops and has the power to do whatever you let it. This, I believe.