This I Believe

Nermin - Wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Always Fighting Back

In 1996 I had my appendix removed. One may think this is a simple surgery and that one recovers quickly, but not me. I was in first grade and a very small kid, I weighed forty pounds. Going into surgery I was scared and uncertain of what would happen. What I didn’t know is what the doctors had told my parents that day.

“Your son is really weak at this point, and I would postpone the surgery if I could, but unfortunately if we don’t operate soon his appendix could burst.” With this hard decision at their hands my parents decided to go with the operation. They took me into the operating room and I took the anesthetic.

A few days later I woke up. I guess I was in some kind of comma. Opening my eyes all I saw was cables and cords hanging from everywhere. A constant and steady beeping from the heart monitor was piercing my ears. I saw the nurse walking up to me and muttering something, but I couldn’t make out what it was at first.

“Would you like to see your parents?” she asked again.

I tried to reply with a yes but I couldn’t speak, so I nodded my head. She then came over and removed the tubes from my nose, mouth, and arms. Then she rolled me out into the hall and into a different room. My parents came in and both hugged me. I managed to say a few things and then I drowned into a deep sleep.

The next few days in the hospital room were the same. I couldn’t eat much, and I was constantly sleepy. I had to fight through those days and battle against doctors’ predictions that I wouldn’t make it. That’s what I believe, I believe in fighting back when you’re down and out.

I use this analogy when playing sports or when in any other tough situation. The way I think about it is if you get yourself into a bad situation you are responsible for getting yourself out. Sometimes this may be a tough battle but you have to do it. In sports this comes up all the time. You may be down by twenty points at one time, but if you give up you won’t win. Fighting back you may not win, but you will show the opponent that you gave it your all, and they will respect you for that. Next time they play you they know they’re in for a brawl.

I remember my grandpa telling me, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, you must always fight back and never show the other person you are weaker than them.” Even though this isn’t advice I would give a kid, the point is you need to fight back when you’re down and most of the time you’ll win. If you don’t win at least you’ll gain someone’s respect. This I believe.