This I Believe

Chris - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

In the dead of winter a gray curtain of clouds devoured the sky and poured snow from the heavens. After a solid dark day the clouds parted and gave birth to a crystal blue sky so clean that god himself might have polished it. On top of the towering peaks feet of the greatest snow on earth awaited our arrival. The anxious hike to the top nearly killing us from anxiety was finally over and the day was only to begin. The first two turns had the unforgettable over head powder that would cloak your goggles in snow, suffocate you, and explode all around you as you swam through it all day.

The next event looming over your day was scoping out that new cliff line that you weren’t sure you could land. From below you can hear your friends saying “its clear man, you got it, send it.” Motivation from the people you trust sinking into your mind lifted your self confidence to give you the courage to launch the cliff and soar over heads until splashing into an untouched seemingly endless landing.

I believe in friends and your dedication to boosting their self esteem and in return them boosting your own self esteem. When you are just having that off day or life is getting tough and you need someone. A friend will call you up and help you get back up on your feet. That is what matters. Afterward when your friend needs that boost you are there to do the same for them and then an endless circle of trust, respect, and common ground is created. It is the golden rule that we have been taught many times since we were all little. Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

Common courtesy and human nature in different cultures for centuries have pushed the belief “treat others the way you want others to treat you.” What if the all the powers and countries around the globe could set aside their differences and remember what they learned in grade school. They could forget about the money, power, and arms and just remember what they learned growing up. The whole world could help each other in progression and separate stereotypes. A peaceful warless world could be accomplished and there wouldn’t be boarders on religious belief, color, gender, political supports, or nationality. As humans we could treat each others as humans, a whole human society working together for the human society. And at the end of the day that epic powder day you will always have those friends that matter most. I believe in treating others the way you want others to treat you.