This I Believe

Renita - southfield, Michigan
Entered on December 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What Goes Around Comes Around

When I was a little girl I remember my mom used to always say, “What goes around comes around.” I never knew what she meant and I never asked, but I knew it was something important and that I would find out in the long run. Being the youngest and having an older sister, we used to always argue over the smallest things. So, I would do many things just to get back at her to make myself feel good. Later on I found out that those things I used to do weren’t so good because it always came back on me. I used to question myself asking, “Why me” because I couldn’t figure out why all the bad things was happening to me. Forgetting about all the sneaky things I used to do the saying “What goes around comes around” still didn’t come to my head.

Growing up and becoming more mature my sister and I didn’t argue as much as

we did when we were younger, but I still didn’t know what that phrase my mom used to always say meant. Until one day, I was in the 5th or 6th grade and this boy in my class used to always tease this one girl and everyday my teacher had to always tell the boy to stop. He never listened and continued to tease her daily, and then one day the boy came to school with a bad haircut and everybody teased him and talked about him all the time and the boy used to get so upset. I remember the teacher telling him “What goes around comes around.” Every since then I knew what my mother was talking about when she used to say that to me, and all my questions finally got answered.

Learning from my past, I now know that when you do bad things to somebody, it always find a way to come back on you unexpectedly. Being the teenager that I am I try to be as nice, helpful, and a good person to be around to everybody regardless of who they are. As a high school student, it’s always somebody who’s going to treat you bad whether it’s a friend, boyfriend/ girlfriend, or somebody you just real close with. It was this one situation where Karma came back on this boy so tough, and I just laughed because he deserved it. I used to talk to this one boy and we became real close, something I didn’t expect it just happened. As time went on we started to like one another and our friends knew it. Until this one day he and this girl I don’t like and still don’t like to this day started going together. I was a little upset but I knew it was going to come back on him and it did. The girl played him so tough and basically used him for his money and his car, and he was so heartbroken. Everybody kept telling him “Karma is something isn’t it?”