This I Believe

Ethan - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Do you play Sports? Do you think you get anything out of it? I do, I believe everything you need to know to be successful in life comes from sports. If you stop and think about it, I think you will agree with me. There are many lessons and skills that come from sports. Sports are an excellent way to prepare you for your later life. I am not saying sports is the only way. I am just saying it is a good way.

I have played many sports in my fifteen years of life. I have played on a super league baseball, super league basketball, county football, county soccer, county wrestling team, and I am currently on our freshman basketball team. I really enjoy sports as you can see. I think that I have learned a lot from them. There are many things you can learn.

Good leadership skills come from sports. You need to be a leader or have a leader on a sports team. Without a leader you would never be successful in sports or in your life. We have some good leaders on our basketball team. I try to do my best in practice and games to lead our team. Team work is also a good skill that comes from sports. You need to be able to work together with other people if you want to succeed. Just like in sports you have to work together in life. You can’t do it all by yourself.

Good habits come from sports too. If you play a sport and have to practice everyday, you learn how to get into a schedule. Sports also make you get in the habit of exercising. More and more kids in the United States are becoming obese. We need to prevent this and exercise. I use to have a coach that would make you run if you were late. Sports teaches you to be on time. I always hated being late cause then you had to run in front of the whole team. It would teach you to be on time so those that you work for can depend on you being there and getting to work. Coaching is also a good skill that comes from sports. You will have to teach your kids and even people you work with. Some time you might even be a boss and have to tell your workers what to do.

These are all good skills that I believe will help you to have an enjoyable, successful life. I encourage all of you who read this to get involved in a sport of any kind, just to get you exercising and learning some of these skills. I have played many different sports and I really believe they have helped me in my life right now. I know these skills will stick with me and help me later on. I am thankful for sports and for the opportunity to learn these qualities. THIS I BELIEVE!