This I Believe

Katheryn - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

By: Capri M

Have you ever had a friend that made you feel you were whole? I have and I know how

having a true friend helps you out through your hard times. Although some of those hard times

can come from your true friends. I can remember some of these hard times of my own. There

was a time that my true friend, or my sister as I called her, came over to me and asked me why

I always would hang out with my cousin and her friends. I told her that I would hang out with

them because they were my friends too and that she wasn’t my only friend. Which may have

been the wrong way to tell her. Because it really hurt her and she later wrote me a note and

told me to tell her the truth on if I really wanted her as my true friend or not!

I eventually found her and told her that I did want her as my friend, but that I didn’t

want just her. I wanted more so I could expand and let them help me out through times that

were hard for me and them as well. From all the talking that we did I guess that it helped our

friendship because it got stronger. After each of the fights or hard times that we had, they

would end up to help our relationship with each other get stronger. It has also helped me out

in many ways to. I have realized that I don’t really know where I would be at, at this stage if it

weren’t for her and her help. She really does make me whole and make me want to be like her.

having that friendship has helped me to realize that everybody is different and that those

differences help us out when we really need it the most. By having that friend you learn lots

more and they help you to learn it.

We have many signs in the world that tell how important friends are. Theres no doubt

that many people have some of these signs in there houses. I know that I have some in mine.

But my favorite one would probably be, “Choose your friends wisely for you will tend to be like

them.” I really think that this quote is right because, just me hanging out with my true friend

has changed me a lot! But that you really need to pay attention to it to make sure that it is for

the best or not. Friends can be true examples in a good way or they can be a bad example.

Thats why true friends are so important! So that is why I Believe True Friends are so