This I Believe

Chris - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Do you believe in music? Well I do. I think that everybody does. I think that nobody can live without music. You’re probably thinking that deaf people can’t hear anything but that doesn’t mean they don’t hear music. What about their heartbeat? I think that it counts as music. Most people probably think that your heart beat isn’t music but think about it “heart BEAT”. The second part is beat, and a beat is a rhythm or sound therefore it is music, and without a heartbeat you can not live. I guess that is a little more to the scientific side but you know what i mean.

I think that music is a part of everyone. In everyone’s mind subconsciously you are hearing music, a beat or a rhythm. Why do you think people will click their pencils or tap on their desk and they don’t even notice that they are doing it? I think it’s because they are always hearing a beat or tapping their foot in their head. Why do you think that people enjoy listening to music so much?

I’m not saying this in a scientific way. Or trying to say you cant live without music just as your cant live without water. I’m leaning more towards everyone enjoys listening to music and without it you wouldn’t be able to stand the silence. I believe that music is important in everybody’s life and without it you would go crazy. But wouldn’t it be impossible to not hear music because you would have your heartbeat and that is music.

Say you were locked in a room from when you were born until now and you never got to hear music? I am sure that eventually you would start drumming on the walls or on the floor, making up your on beats, whistling, or humming. I believe in MUSIC.