This I Believe

Jack - Midway, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Jack L

I believe that teamwork is key to success. My parents always say “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” I never did that ever like I had money in different places when I went on vacation. One time I didn’t listen to my parents and my soccer team put all their eggs into one basket. The basket was our star player. It worked for a little while and the team was a gold metal team at Utah Summer games. He stopped playing last season and we dropped to a last place team the good thing was we used teamwork a lot more and it was a fun season.

In school you have all done this get a group project and have one person do it all. It’s not fun that fun for the person and they probably stayed up late the night before it was due to finish and its not that good. Instead use team work and have different people due different parts of the project to make a better project.

Last weekend my family had to go out in the freezing cold with your fingers numb around the cold hard shovel to get snow off wood that was buried under feet of snow that fell off the roof. It would have been an all day project but we used teamwork all four of us shoveled out the wood and carried it to a place to dry. It only took two hours. After we were done my dad said that my great grandfather loved teamwork and took the saying “many hands make light work.” to heart and had ten kids to make the work easier.

The day before that I went up to my friends house to make an snow fort. We had his little brother and his friends make bricks and get snow while my friend and I placed the bricks so they would hold. Then every hour all of us made a ton of bricks so it went faster, and switched jobs. Then when the fort got to big for little kids to hold either my friend or me would hold the bricks while everyone else would pack snow around it. With out team work it was going to take four or five hours but we got it done in two hours.

If you use teamwork it will make any project smaller and fun.