This I Believe

Coy - Midway, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that being on a team gives a person good qualities. Have you ever been on a sports team, did it help you have good qualities. I think being on any kind of team helps you a lot.

I’ll start out with being on a sports team. When being on a sports teams I think one of the biggest things you can learn to do is become a leader. I remember a few years ago when I was in seventh grade we were in the championship football game. We were down by a touchdown and we needed a first down bad. Our coach sends in a passing play and we lined up to do it. We snap the ball and our quarterback drops back then decided to keep the ball and run for a first down. I thought it was really good of him to step up and make a play and keep us in the game. He knew he did something good, but he just ran back to the huddle and said we have the momentum now lets get down there and score. He lead us down the whole field and we scored. I think he’ll step up in a lot of places through out his life that some kids wont do.

This year on our football team we had a lot of kids on our team that were key players and when we needed them to step up and make a play, they did. Our team worked really hard and good together as a team. Since we worked so hard as a team we ended up going nine and zero, never lost a game. Every kid on the team played there spot and did good at it. Whenever we would go into the locker room at half time, it wouldn’t matter if we were up by two points or thirty points, our coach would tell us the same thing. He said, “Guys don’t give up out there, keep playing like you’ve been playing and we’ll win.” Our other coach would say, “This game’s about heart, which ever team wants it the most or has the most heart will win this game.” That teaches us a good lesson. In almost anything not just sports, if you don’t give up you can accomplish anything. With our coaches telling us who ever has the most heart or wants it the most will win, that helps people believe that they can do it.

Teams don’t only have to do with sports. Last year I was in Student Council. Kids that are in that class learn many leadership skills. We went on a leadership camp, just to learn how to work together and be better leaders. In our class, when our teacher assigned us a project and we didn’t have much time to work on it, we’d go in early or after school and finish the project. I’m glad that my teacher taught me skills like that. We were in a group almost everyday. Sometimes you wouldn’t like the person you were with, by the end of the year though, I liked everyone. Before I had that class I’d like to work with my friends and thats it. Now, I’ll work with other people so I can become there friend. It made me know that when I don’t have much time to do stuff, that if I work hard with someone, we could finish it. Teamwork is a big thing in life, so if you’re not working on a team, then get on a team.