This I Believe

Jerad - Marysville, Washington
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that Love is just a word. To me Love has to be proven. Anybody can say “I love you” but not everybody can show it. When I think of Love I think about two people building a relationship that draws them closer together. Some people say “Love at first sight” Its true. The only way you know its love at first sight is when you get this feeling like you HAVE to meet this person, almost like a missing piece to a puzzle.

Love is also like a friendship, the kind of friendship that you have with your best friend. Any friend might say they know you, but only your best friend knows everything about you. The one friend that understands more about you than anyone else, that friend that stands by your side, right or wrong, guilty or innocent. But that’s just being friends though. Loving someone means that you have feelings for that one person that you cant have for anybody else. You may not be friends with them but if you really love someone obviously you’re either going to want to know more about them or you already do.

I have had lots of girlfriends in the past. But I’ve only fell in love twice. The first time was with this girl named Linsey. When I first met her it was Love at first sight. I saw her and I just had to meet her. Come to find out a couple weeks later her mom was dating my dads roommate. It started off as just being friends but once we learned more about each other we took the next step. The relationship lasted about a year/ half, until her and her mom moved away to Camano Island and I didn’t hear from her for another three years. Since then we have just been friends. Just recently I have been falling for my friend Sierra. We have been friends for about one year, almost two; she’s basically my best friend. And since just recently I’ve actually been falling in love with her.

I love how she has a sense of humor but can be mature when she needs to be. We have a lot in common, music hobbies, etc. But the most important thing is trust and communication. I know I can trust her but also I can tell her anything and know that it doesn’t leave us two. And there’s no one else who makes me feel the way she dose.

I believe in the power of love, how it can change the way people Interact with each other. It changes people’s lives and the way they look at it. Love is the best cure for suicide. As long as you have someone you can call your friend life lasts forever. This I believe.