This I Believe

Gavin - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in…

“I believe that a little competition is good for everyone.” I think this because when you think back to all the times you have played a sport or played any type of game with a friend, you are usually competing with someone else. Most of the time you are trying to do better than your friend or a teammate. When your playing something by yourself it’s not as fun and not the same as going against a friend.

An example of this would be playing Football. When you’re trying to get on or trying to keep your first string position you have to compete with others every practice to become or keep that position. Competition is good in many ways, such as, it can bring out the best of our abilities in whatever were doing. It challenges us to do better and better. It gives you a rush when your out on the field sometimes which makes it even more fun.

I experience this every day at school during lunch while playing in our gym. As I walk around the corner to enter the gym and I hear all the basketballs dribbling I know I will have competition. When I come in I see everybody and I decide who to steal the ball from. Sometimes when I jump to get the rebound from another person, we hit, and the ball goes flying from our hands and into another. Then everybody waits for someone else to shoot and to compete against each other to get the rebound again. This continues until we play a game, which again is another form of competition. This time during lunch helps make me better at basketball and makes me try harder to do better as well.

In the end it just comes down to asking yourself if you like playing against others or with yourself. I personally enjoy going up against my friends to see who’s better, and if I am not then I just improve and play them again. “ A little completion is good for everyone.” That might not apply to some people but that is my opinion on it, that’s what I believe in.