This I Believe

Tanner - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

Do people deserve second chances? If people do, how do you determine if someone deserves that chance? The answer to these questions I don’t know, because from what I do know, I don’t think I deserve the second chances I have had. But what my knowledge dose know, and what I do believe is that everyone has second chances in everything. When that chance comes it is sometimes hard to see, but they do come. This I believe.

One reason for this belief is the story of my father. In 2002, my father was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. The doctors told it to him straight; they didn’t know what caused it, and there was no cure. This was distressing news for a family of nine with number ten on the way. Also work for my dad had slowed down quite a bit so money was tight as it was. Neighbors pitched in and helped us quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean things weren’t hard. His condition worsened and that started lots of changes. My oldest brother worked when he could to support the family, and my mom did odd jobs around the neighborhood to try and help keep us clothed. As the tests went on to help my dad they found that he was allergic to some of the medicine they gave him and some of the procedures weren’t working. He came to deaths doorstep many times and should have died almost every time. That is when it happened. The doctors did a procedure that kills your immune system, they then “reboot” you and give you your immune system back, he was now given his second chance. He improved and improved fast, he was even able to come home after a few weeks. It has changed him and made him realize you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone. He has truly become a changed person.

Next, the summer of 2007, on August 8, I was driving on a four-wheeler to the lot where my families is building our home. I came the dirt road that leads to our home and hit the gas. I know realize I was out of control. Thinking I was, I blasted around corners, looking cool with baggy work cloths blowing in the wind. I rode hard and fast around a corner thinking “This is sweet,” when it happened. I caught traction and drove off the edge of the hillside. I rolled, the four-wheeler crushing me multiple times as I tumbled. The helmet I wore took lots of impact thankfully. I stopped movement eventually and walked up the hill holding my bleeding nose; no one got to me for a half an hour. My body held several new scars, reminding me to drive carefully from then on. But this is not why this is significant to me.

Earlier that summer, and elderly friend of mine that had been driving carefully had done the same thing as I. He is now a quadriplegic. He must remain in his bed and have special care twenty four seven. Why I was given a chance to change and not him I don’t know. I we’re determining who deserves a second chance it is him. Me a fire hungry teenager living in a forest probably shouldn’t deserve that chance, but I have been given that chance and I fully take.

Do people deserve a second chance? If they do, how do you determine that? I don’t know. What I do know is that every one has second chances. Do Terrorist countries, convicts, man kind as a whole have second chances? Yes, at least to a point. I do believe is that everyone has second chances in everything. When that chance comes it is sometimes hard to see, but they do come. This I believe.