This I Believe

Spencer - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports


I believe in challenges, in rising up to the occasion. I believe in the underdog, in overwhelming odds. This I believe.

I remember when my sixth grade football team was just one game away from the championship. We were all very excited. The team we were going to be playing against was currently ranked number one in our division. Of course you can imagine that this made us very nervous. When the game started we hung in there and stayed neck and neck through out the whole game. By the time the clock was down to about two minutes left in the game. At that point we where down by a touchdown, our team as well as the coaches, were starting to doubt the outcome of the game. By the time the clock ran down to about fifty seconds the score was still tied, and we had possession of the football. Everyone was quiet as we waited out these last agonizing seconds of the game. We where on there fifteen yard line, our last offensive play was a pass to our best receiver. When our quarterback hiked ball rolled out to the left and released the ball the and our receiver caught it we all cheered, as he ran in the end-zone for a touchdown we realized that we had won the game and were going to the championship.

We went to the championship game and won that game with an outstanding victory. As our coach gave us a few words I stood there in amazement that a team like us was able to win the championship. As we got older that very same team won to more championship games, one of those games we where also an under dog in. I believe very strongly in challenges an hope that I will be able to go through many more of them through out my years, not only in sports but also in school and in my family. You can see why I believe so strongly in challenges not only for just one person but for many others. Challenges make you strong and now you know why I believe what I believe.