This I Believe

Nathan - 84032, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
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Nathan Rhees

“This I Believe” Essay

December 14, 2007

This I Believe

“Thoughts are the shadows of our fears-always darker emptier and simpler.”

Fredrich Nietzche.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts, with thoughts we make the world.” Buddha

“A thought which does not result in action is nothing much, and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all. Whatson Emma

Al these quotes share one thing in common… thinking. When was the last time you really thought about something, the world, yourself, who you are and what you can become? What we think is not only what we are but what we be. I believe in the power of thought.

In August of 1963 a man walked up to a podium at the Lincoln Memorial. He a reason for being there, he had an idea. An idea that had been installed in him at a young age, forced into his system by his ancestors who were born worked and died before him. These people had little lives, for to many they were totally insignificant, like the life of livestock. As the man looked out upon the crowd the air was totally still. We may never know what he was thinking, but we do know what he said. He opened his mouth and continued to speak one of the most influential phrases in American history.

“I have a dream.” The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. affected not only America but the entire world in one way or another. And it all started, with an idea, a thought that all people no matter the race could coexist equally. That thought burned strong in many hearts, and evenutally it led to action. Hence the result, the America it is today.

The power of thought can be limitless. It shapes who we are. That alone is awsome power. But the power of thought can also affedt us on a smaller scale. Have you ever heard the saying think first, then ask? The mistakes we make usually are ones we have not thought about enouph first. I have a personal example to this. When was little, about seven I went camping with my family. Like all little boys at that age one of the first things I wanted to do was climb the enourmous evergreens that surrounded our campsite. I picked the first one I saw and started climbing. All the way up I was excited and confident. As I continued to climb, I got even more confident and went a little faster, then a little more. By the time I was half way up I was going pretty fast. As I took the next branch in my hand and started bringing myself up, the branch broke. I dont remember much from there, all but that I suddenly stopped falling and hung in the air. My hood had caught onto a branch, but not after another branch had scraped a gash into my side. How ever long I hung there I dont know. But when I finally was carried down by my dad I decided never to be so reckless again. I promised to allways think about my decisions first. I still carry that scar from the gash to remind me of my promise.

I believe that any problem can be solved. Any obstacle can be overcome. All that is needed is a new idea to be discovered and put into action.