This I Believe

Wyatt - midway, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
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Wyatt W

This I Believe

I believe beliefs change. Ten years ago when i was five years old I believed in Santa Claus. I would stay up as late as i could and listen very carefully to see if i could hear Santa and his reindeer on the roof. When i woke up in the morning there was lots of presents for me under the tree and I knew Santa had come. When i came back to school everyone was dressed in there new Christmas gifts and talking about all the cool new toys they had gotten until one boy had to ruin all the fun. “You guys all know Santa inst really don’t you?” we all gasped in astonishment. “Its true, when your asleep your parents go and put presents under the tree.” This is the first time i can remember one of my beliefs changed. You may not think its a big deal but at the time it was really bumming me out. Throughout my life my beliefs have changed whether it was through me maturing or through things i have seen or heard. What do you think our world would be life if peoples beliefs never changed? Would there even be a world to think about?

Throughout history peoples beliefs and opinions have changed for better or for worse. In the 1800’s black people were used as slaves and servants. They thought that black people were inferior to them just because they had a different color of skin. Now a days, though some racism still exists, for the most part people are accepting of other peoples beliefs, opinions, and skin color. In the early years or Mormonism they believed that having more than one wife at a time (polygamy) was ok in there religion and almost all people in the religion did it. Now people who practice polygamy are persecuted and looked down upon in the Mormon religion.

I believe that much of our beliefs and attitudes towards immigrants, middle-easterns, and various other nations will change greatly in the near future as we begin to understand and communicate better with them.