This I Believe

Lacy - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Lacy D

I Believe in Having Blessings

We may all find that in any given point in our lives that we’re hanging on the edge and just one false step can make us come tumbling down. Will there be anyone there to rescue us from our demise? Have we cultivated our “life lines” so that in time of need we can call upon them and they will come to our aid? We must never take for granted all the blessings that we have. Blessings include the people that hold us close to their hearts. The ones who have our best interests and have our backs. The ones who love us and want no harm to come to us. The very people who let us be and do whatever we desire – that give us freedom to grow and discover. They’re the people that we can go to who will wrap their loving arms around us and celebrate our victories as well as chase away our demons. I believe in having one of those people around me whenever possible, and I believe in loving them to the fullest extent.

Tragedy strikes without warning and we are taken by surprise. Such helplessness settles over us and we lose hope of ever recovering from it. Yet, time and much healing comes like the sun rising in the morning and we begin again. Numbness begins to loosen its grip on us and we begin to feel again. Still, do we ever truly recover? I know from my very own personal experience that recovery may take a lifetime. One may never truly recover from a tragic event; it takes away our heartfelt dreams and turns our world and our expectations upside down and life is just so topsy-turvy most of the time which sometimes makes it hard to find our balance. Tears are never far from falling yet when they do they release sadness and clean our slate in life so that we can start again.

But we need to remember that whenever life takes us horrendously by surprise, we should reach out to others for comfort and support; one can never carry a burden alone. It takes a lot of love and support to ease our pain, which is where our “blessing people” can come in handy. If they truly care about you they will accompany you the entire way through your recovery. But, never forget to reach to others in their need as well, because everyone deserves at least one blessing. This is what I truly believe.