This I Believe

Taylor - USA
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Tricycle of Life

Before riding a 2-wheeler, you first ride a tricycle. Because of the three wheels the tricycle has, it always balances, which creates a sturdy platform for learning. The three wheels work together as a team to create a successful ride. The first and largest wheel is the leader. It steers the other two wheels in any direction. In life, I see those wheels as actions to put in my life everyday, to help me drive and go in the right direction. I believe in living my life according to the cliché quote “Live. Laugh. Love” because it is a way to live a balanced life.

I see the word “live” to be the largest wheel because without life, you cannot do anything else. I live everyday trying to put meaning into it. Every night I before I go to bed, I think of something I learned or have never done before. If I cannot think of something I feel like I’ve failed, almost like I have wasted a day in my life. I always enjoy new experiences. For me, it’s similar to an adrenaline rush. Experiencing new things allows me adapt to new situations. It also gives me more insight to what others are going through. Life is sometimes good and sometimes not, but the letdowns make us grow and become stronger. Life is a gift which is meant to be used to its fullest potential.

The first small wheel is “laugh.” I see it as the wheel that sometime rattles because it’s not tightened all the way. Laughter can throw the body off course because of the rapid breathing and stomach pain. Laughter is something I do to make myself feel better by easing stress and seeing the good in any situation. I am always able to find something to laugh at, even if nothing is funny. With my easy going personality laughing is a way to express myself, whether it is to mask insecurities or to enjoy the feeling of making others laugh.

“Love” is the second back wheel in the tricycle. It compensates and balances out what the wobbly wheel of laughter is lacking. In some way love is always surrounding us. Sometime love means there is a passion, whether it’s a sport, an object, or a person. That certain type of love helps sort out what is important in your life. It can fulfill a heart with a missing piece. At times, I don’t believe love has such a deep, devoted meaning, but just as simple as caring and being compassionate. Simply being nice can help “make the world go ‘round.”

I believe in the tricycle of living, laughing, and loving.