This I Believe

Luke - Wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I Believe in Abraham Lincoln

I believe that in the end of your time, it’s not how many years in your life it’s how much life in your years.

Your life, most people would say is defined by who you are or were. But what defines who you are what you do, the decisions you make and how you went about living your life; not how long you lived. Some people believe that if they have lived or no someone who has lived to be one-hundred, that they have lived a full life. I, on the other hand do not. If someone were to give me two choices; live to be one-hundred, and live a boring routine life, or live to be fifty, where every day is a wonderful new adventure, I would choose to live to fifty. What is living? Is life just something to get through? Since we spend so much time, or so little time on earth, why would we just want to get through it. The greatest running back of all-time, Walter Payton once said, “I play every down like it’s my last, because one day it will be.” Because one day, it will be everyone’s last down in life.

I never thought about what Walter said until now. I see all these professional athletes who don’t hustle and act like they don’t care. I think of all the players who do this and get taken out of the game, and may never see another play again. And when they grow old, they will care. I want to be remembered as a man who did so many fascinating things and good things for other people. And if that means I only live to be fifty or younger then at least I had a full life. My dad always says, I want to live to be ninety or one-hundred, a long life. And I say well if I live a fun great adventurous life, it won’t matter to me how long. Life is meant to be lived, not just something you do to pass the time, hoping to get to the next life or an afterlife, and what ever people call it. If everyone tried to believe this, and live life by it a think it would change many peoples’ view on how to live life.

What I believe in comes from Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents to lead this nation. The day I die I want to feel that I couldn’t have done any more in life to satisfy myself. That’s when I will truly know that I have lived what I believe.