This I Believe

Amanda - Coinjock, North Carolina
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Amanda H 12/25/07

I believe in mothers

I am only seventeen years old. I have been here for 6,205 days and my mom has been by my side ever since, she cared for me when I was just a crying baby, And as I grew her work did to, I know that’s why I love her. I have 2 jobs just got a car all on my own and I know she is proud. I live with her, as well as my step dad, twin sister, and brother. We have a very loving family. Even though we had hard time’s just like every one else, However we wouldn’t have ever gotten through any of them without my mothers magical powers.

I believe in mothers, the ones you feel affection for like no one else, the ones who create that special bonding, In addition to everything else, I feel like I can tell my mother everything without hesitating, A mother holds a special place in this world where they have the most indescribable pure jobs. A true mother can look after, care for, protect, nurse, and tend to every need; a true mother can handle raising twins at seventeen,

I believe the many ways my mother shows she cares, her patience when I’m foolish, and her guidance when I ask; she can do most anything a master of every task, a dependable source of comfort, and a cushion when I fall. She helps me in times of trouble, and supports me whenever I call. She has all of my respect no matter who is right or wrong. I have learned that mothers are always right no matter what.

How did she find the energy, to do it all: a teacher, a nurse and a counselor to me, a chauffeur, a cook and a friend, yet find time to be a playmate, I just can’t comprehend. I understand now it was love that made her come whenever I’d call, your unlimited love, And I thank her for it all.

Mother is such a simple word, and to me there is a meaning that is seldom heard, I believe in mothers who spend sleepless nights to make you sleep, a mother is someone who understands you from very deep, a mother is someone who understands what it is to laugh and cry, Hopefully someday I can be as good as her. Perhaps, someday I can protect, nurse, and tend to someone’s every need. That’s why I believe in mothers in this hectic world today.

I love you mom and everything you have done

Sincerely: You’re Loving Daughter