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April - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

April T

December, 14, 2007

Heber City Utah Wasatch Mt.

Everyone Should Be Equal

I had to learn how to not judge the hard way. Well it all started back in my 5th period class which was Mr. Gardner at Heber Valley Elementary. I had a lot of friends and there was one girl who I really hated she was very annoying and liked to pick fights and things with me. Well one day when it was almost the end of the school year we hot into a big and nasty fight. We both went and saw the principal and he said that for the rest of the time we have left in school, you well either have to ignore each other or leave the school for the next year. So we decided we would ignore each other that was better than one of us leaving. This was not hard considering the fact we had different friends and only homeroom together.

The next year I noticed that she was not at the middle school I just thought she would not give up just like that. I asked someone at the elementary school where she went they said that she now went to a school down in Provo. Well I did not now that I was going to be seeing her so soon? So I shook it off and said hallelujah she is gone and rejoiced about because I knew nothing about what had happened to her let alone care.

The next summer I was in a play and I noticed a girl in it who had a laptop and was working on it. I asked her how she got it she said that she uses them for school and they provide them for her. I asked if I could join this school because I thought it was cool and it was. Late summer I got a call from the principal of this school I signed up for she told me that I would be allowed to attend the school that august. I was so exited I jumped for joy mostly because I would get to use one of those laptops soon. But I did not realize that I would get to see the girl that I sometimes wonder where she was?

It was august and I was ready for the school I would be attending in a week I had all my stuff ready to go for the next school year. My mom visited all the meetings for the carpool I would be using to get down there and the others moms already filled her in on the basics of everything. All I was thinking about was I will get that laptop soon. It was the mourning of the 1st day of school I had to wake up early and get ready to go to where we meet for the carpool. The women who gave my fill in form was the driver today and we had a couple other kids form a private school too.

On the way down to the school I was having second thoughts about the school and I thought about that girl and wondered. Well we were pulling into the school parking lot and I saw the school it was nice we parked and I got out. When I walked in the door I saw the girl the person who I fought with not so long ago. She told me that she was sorry for picking on me and said that she was having a hard time with her family and we sat down on the couch that was in the middle of the room and on either side was chairs and she told me what had happened and that is what she did to get accepted at the school.

I noticed that I had judged her without even knowing what she had been thru. We sometimes do this every day with homeless or people on the street we judge them for how they are now not the bad things that they went thru to get that way. People every where around us had something happen to make them the way they got to today good or bad but we shouldn’t judge them for it.

I was down at the Salt Lake City library and I noticed all the homeless and street people in the library using it for shelter. I was not going near them I didn’t even know why my family brought me here to a seminar and a meeting I was stuck up about those people and didn’t realize it I may have learned my lesson for people about me. But not for those lower than me. But after the meeting we went to and the meetings to come we went to I realized that they had troubles just like us accept theirs turned out worse than ours like loosing there houses. So the next time you tell someone what you think be quiet and think about what you are going to say and what that person may have been thru.